Who is Leisure'n Pleasure ?


Leisure'nPleasure (LNP), founded in 2004, specializes in the marketing of a wide range of equipment for folding and stacking furniture and furniture for professionals (BtoB) as well as a wide range of 'outdoor' products. and 'garden' for private customers (BtoC). LNP also specializes in sourcing, designing and manufacturing new products through its factories in China, in the sales representation of major international brands, as well as in logistics and after-sales management.


LNP aims both at resellers for the BtoB range, at commercial Internet sites and large specialized distribution groups for the BtoC range, but also at companies wishing to develop new products, companies seeking an effective commercial representation to develop in a new market or companies seeking a quality logistic service.


Our clients

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Leisure’nPleasure founded Furnitrade in 2009, our brand of hardware (gazebos) and folding furniture (tables and chairs) specially created for professionals and private individuals. LNP offers you quality products design, useful and multiusage. All the pieces are foldable or stackable, which makes the transport and installation easy.




LNP signed an exclusive partnership with LIFETIME, an American industrial enterprise, n°1 worldwide of making steel products and HDPE ( tables, chairs, basketball panels, kayaks, garden shed). Lifetime Inc, where the headquarters are located in the US, they own 2 factories (US and China) in which all their products are made. Lifetime 



LNP has signed an exclusive commercial partnership with the POLYGROUP group for the distribution of its swimming pools, toys and inflatable mattresses as well as artificial Christmas trees. Polygroup, founded 25 years ago, is a leader in its sector and has factories in China, Thailand, Europe and USA in which all of the Group's products are manufactured in a vertical integration process, without any subcontractors. , to ensure optimum quality of its products.

Shelter Logic is the N°1 American company in the world of "shelters" offering flexible shelters, garages, carports, log racks, greenhouses, shelters and metal safes under the ShelterLogic / Arrow brands / SpaceMaker / QuikShade. Specialist in shelter for more than 50 years, ShelterLogic comes to bring a perfect complementarity to all of our ranges turned to the landscaping of the garden with quality products benefiting from the best guarantees.



Athletic Group is a leading manufacturer of professional stage systems. The company offers stage podiums for concerts, modular and mobile stages, stage roofs, open stages, and exhibition constructions under the brands ATHLETIC, ALUSTAGE and ATHLETIC CASES. All of its products are of European manufacture with TUV, ISO and DIN certification, high quality professional products

Company created in 1992 with the objective of making innovative outdoor games, good quality and affordable. Since its creation, Sportspower has continued to innovate, from slides to bouncy castles. Today, thanks to the quality of their products, Sportspower is present everywhere in the world.

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Since 1993, SOJAG has been developing and distributing pavilions, solariums and outdoor furniture. SOJAG is the largest and most well known flag manufacturer in Canada. SOJAG stands out for its modern, durable structures with outstanding avant-garde design.





Our team

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Leisure'nPleasure offers a wide range of furniture and equipment (tables, chairs,
arbours, podium) for a clientele of professionals for banquets, seminars, receptions and other public or private events, for the interior or outside. Equipment (arbours) and furniture (tables and chairs) of high quality, in
polypropylene, made of HDPE, wood, or metal (steel and aluminum). Folding furniture,
stackable, removable, easily transportable and easy to store.
LNP also offers a wide range of 'garden' products for
particular: garden sheds and storage boxes in HDPE and metal, shelters
flexible, pergolas, picnic tables, as well as a wide range of products
'Outdoor': swimming pools, inflatables, baskets of sneakers, kayaks and tunes
We are committed to ensure that all our products meet French standards and
European standards of soundness, safety and respect of the environment.
All our products are certified according to REACH standards because we are very
concerned with the sustainable development and recyclability of raw materials
we are using. We are VALDELIA members since 2013.

- Production / Creation

LNP offers a product development service for companies wishing to create and
to make new products that meet the expectations of a growing market
Our design office located near Shanghai designs new products we
then have it done by carefully selected partners.
LNP's aim is to guarantee a total and permanent quality of manufactured products
concentrating its investments in the following areas:
• Design, to offer innovative, sustainable, functional products,
aesthetic, high quality and perfect finish.
• Technical innovation and the development of new products, in order to maximize the

strength, functionality and quality of products and always be ahead of
customer needs;
• Systematic inspection by independent laboratories, in order to guarantee the
best quality possible and obtain optimal customer satisfaction.
Ergonomics, usability, aesthetics, durability, functionality, quality and
design are the driving forces of our innovation.

- Support Factory / sourcing

LNP offers you a personalized support of your project. We put in
your experience and know-how in the identification of suppliers
reliable potential in the conduct of negotiations and the transition to
sourcing with the chosen suppliers.
Our on-site Chinese teams are our in-situ interface. We preselect
factories taking as criteria the responsiveness, the price, the local reputation, the
mastery of international standards. In the progress of your project, we will guide you in the visit of the selected factories.
With our many years of experience in the procurement field, our
knowledge and skills are strong. We will help you find the right one
provider. In addition to the supplier, we will manage the communication with it, will follow
production and finally will process the operations to deliver them to your warehouse.

- Commercial representation

But LNP is above all a commercial team spreading the entire catalog of
its partners / suppliers.
Our mission is to find suitable distribution channels for our suppliers
allowing the widest diffusion of the products of the catalogs in the respect of the image
brand desired by our partners / suppliers.
Concerned about the image, the durability and the profitability of the lines of products, we
ask our partners the exclusivity of the marketing of their catalogs,
to ensure consistency in the choice of distribution channels and especially the
pricing policy.
Exclusivity is reciprocal, we do not offer competing products to products
offered by our partners / suppliers and are systematically searching for
complementarity between the products of the historical partners / suppliers and those
new partners.
This allows our partners / suppliers to access markets already established in
lower costs since all commercial investments are pooled.
We ensure the presentation of products (showroom or customer visit), the
mounting of the samples (display), we develop the merchandising and
other communication tools. We orient product selections based on
manufacturing capabilities or development opportunities of our
partners / suppliers. We report to partners / suppliers
market trends and we oversee the placing of orders (L / C review,
recovery of containers, management of relations with laboratories in order to obtain
test reports for compliance with standards, factory availability, ...)

- Logistics / SAV

Market orientation towards a growing need for drop shipping supply,
gradually led us to offer turnkey solutions for our
partners / suppliers.
We import, store and deliver the products of our partners / suppliers in order to
to guarantee the quality of our products from one end of the production line to the other
We have built our reputation on the excellence of our logistics service
supply, distribution and return, our total availability and responsiveness
of our teams.
Our warehouse in the Lille metropolis (3000m² 3000 pallets) allows us to adapt
our storage and handling tools for the most important product formats
of our partners / suppliers (classic rack, long length, accumulator,
platform, mass).
It allows us to manage more than 1500 spare parts references and
store them in specific bins, rolls, or shelves, to respond to
the most demanding needs of our customers and to ensure the longevity of our products.
We ship orders in courier in D-day and can make available
larger shipments in charters in 48 hours.
The management of the after-sales service and its call center is based on the daily update of our
computer database (photos, description of parts, purchase and available stock,
entering delivery notes with or without invoice according to the guarantee) and the formation of
our operators to products and product leaflets.
We develop ourselves some records or actively participate in
their writing to help the final customer in assembling and identifying parts and
spare parts that make up the products.