Stage of 6m2 with 6 trays of 1x1m

Plywood platform 12mm

Non-slip floor black 

Profiled aluminum frame 55mm

Max load of platforms 500kg TUV certifications. Expo-Engineering

Fire rated platform M3

Weight plate 12.1kg

Very simple and very fast assembly, ultra light product and very resistant.

Use indoors or on floor / flat surface.





Transport case on wheels with flight case compartment

6 platforms of 1x1 m (SCA-05)

6 black folding feet 60cm high (SCA-05.10 / 06CZ)

2 Allen Keys 0.4

12 pieces of fixing between stages (SCD-24)

6 aluminum-velcro straps for fixing the tarp (SCD-59)

6m pleated tarp in polyester 160g black treated anti fire M2