Garden metal shed 4.57m2 (8x6) / ref RMA86CL


Spacemaker metal appliance house 4.57m2
The timeless metal appliance house with electrolytically galvanized sheet steel offers you a stable construction, which is rust-resistant and scratch-resistant
In addition, the stylish equipment shed is complemented by the double sliding door, which is easily handled by a door handle on both doors
Also allow the internally running, space-saving sliding doors easy opening and transporting objects
A padlock device (not included) will secure your interior
The already exactly pre-cut and pre-drilled construction pieces allow you to build the desired house in an instant and with no complications
Dark gray color (RAL) 7021
Electrolysis galvanized steel panel
Thickness metal 3 mm with epoxy paint finish
Height of walls 170 cm
Height of the ridge 190 cm
Double door 110 x 165 cm (W+H)
Internal dimensions W241 x D168 x H187 cm
External dimensions W253 x D181 x H190 cm
Padlock closure (not included)
Weight 62 kg
Communal gardens, private gardens, schools