Verona Pavilion 2.98x2.98x2.60m / ref VERONA10x10


Aluminum Pavilion VERONA10x10 with rigid roof.

Sturdy construction, weather resistant, designed to withstand snow loads up to 125 kg / m².

It includes nylon mosquito nets and double rails for additional curtain attachment,

ref: KITVERONA10X10 (sold separately as accessories).



Designed for outdoor use all seasons.

All aluminum parts are treated and resistant to rust! The roof consists of 6 mm thick double sipes, waterproof and resistant to the weather such as rain, snow or sun (UV) without any problem.

The same is true for the robust powder-coated aluminum construction (post thickness 7.6 cm).

Even the screws are made of stainless steel. The pavilion does not need to be dismantled in winter and you can enjoy it in any season.

Unlike other models, not one or the other applies, but the mosquito nets (already included) and the curtains can be used at the same time for shading and optimal protection against pests .


Simple assembly by 2 people using standard tools and a detailed step-by-step guide.

Assembly time approximately 4-5 hours.

The feet each have 3 holes, which means you need 12 screws and dowels to secure them to the floor.

We recommend a flat surface made of wood, concrete or pavers as a base.

The screw kit for ground anchoring is not supplied.

5-year manufacturer's warranty against rust penetration.